Frédéric Lincker

Class @Collège: Marketing and Sales Strategy

Commercial, then sales manager in the industry, Frédéric Lincker is a specialist in face-to-face techniques and team animation thanks to the practice of close-up (proximity magic and mentalism). He created a start-up in the field of mobile network quality management. He then becomes International Sales Manager in a large Danish group. Certified trainer with Process Com ©, Apter © and Dramatic Triangle ©, he works more particularly on the behaviour associated with commercial practices. He created his own structure, oriented field, specialized in training, animation, coaching, validation of recruitment for sales teams: LinSell. In 2014, he co-founded Apter France specialized in motivation and development of potential. He coaches top athletes to prepare them mentally ( In parallel, he created the school of magic "Akiltour" which today has more than 100 students. (